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Dog Grooming Pricing and Services

Dog Grooming Pricing -  Small breeds only 

The dog grooming prices I quote are for the entire groom. I do not charge for extras: e.g. special shampoo, nails, ear cleaning, flea rinse.

Extras i do charge for is Anal Glands $10 extra

Matted coat $10 extra and will only use a very short blade no exceptions.

Each dog groom includes a bandanna and if fur is long enough then little bow ties on ears or head.

Bath and Blow Dry

Short Coat $20

Long Coat $25

Wash and Tidy Up

Suitable for in between full clips 

Washed, blow dried, will receive a sanitary clip under the belly and tail, have his pads trimmed, nails cut, ears cleaned.
Small $35

Full Clip
Full grooms includes nails, ear clean, bath and blow dry , full clip and scissor finish with a bow or bandanna and spritz. 
All clips to your preferred length (only if coat permits). Flea rinse if needed is included.
Small $55 up to 12kg

Cocker Spaniels $60

Dog Grooming in Mount Warren Park, down the road from Mount Warren Shopping Centre and only a stones throw away from Beenleigh, Edens Landing, Eagleby and Windaroo!